Refocused - Rebranded - Renewed

September 01, 2017

Refocused - Rebranded - Renewed

In 2013 through our work in land & farm stewardship, Patriot Land & Wildlife Management Services, Inc. observed a growing service gap in the marketplace for a holistic, sustainable, agricultural service provider that was both authentic and productive. To address this service shortfall, we created Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms. Over the next 3 years, the venture grew to multiple locations, explored innovative practices and evolved into various service silos throughout the marketplace. During this journey, many lessons were learned across the spectrum of human emotion. Near the end of 2016, the venture took pause for a reflection period to address personal loss and purpose. At the conclusion of that reflection period, it was deemed that the best course of action was to Refocus, Rebrand & Renew our original vision for a regenerative agricultural service provider guided by best practices for natural resource management.

From that conclusion, the service silos of Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms were split into two new brands - Patriot Pastures and Patriot's Chesapeake Farmhouse. Patriot Pastures is a Social Enterprise dedicated to the production of healthy meats from happy animals by honest farmers through our passion for pasture based, regenerative, holistic & humane management methods. Patriot's Chesapeake Farmhouse is a retail venture that pays homage to the historic Maryland mercantile stores that once dotted the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Through the CF brand, we have created and curated a unique experience as an outlet to share our passion for local history, heritage, natural resources and agriculture with our customers.

With these two brands, we hope to more adequately convey our purpose and vision while simultaneously creating a welcoming and adventurous atmosphere for our valued customers. If you enjoyed the products produced under the Sugarloaf Sustainable Farms brand, we hope you will follow Patriot Pastures & Chesapeake Farmhouse on social media and join us for what the future has in store. Thank you to all our customers, past, present and future. It has truly been a humbling adventure. 


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